My name is William S Dean.  I am a direct descendant of Native Americans and the Spanish conquistadores.  My family has been in California since the beginning of human habitation.  I am an historian and a genealogist, at one with the rich heritage of the California legacy.  Without boasting, I can say I am California history.

This blog will feature my family’s histories, the interwoven tale of family with family in the earliest settlements, the missions, the presidios, the ciudads and the ranchos, right up through the first Norte Americanos who came to California and married into the old Californio families, to the later immigrants who forged their way across the country and the Rockies to end at our golden shores.

These are human stories that repel the dust of textbook and human memory and glisten brightly and humanly as if they happened yesterday and not yesteryear (or yestercentury).  I hope you will enjoy reading them and learning what happened beneath your footsteps of today “from the mountains to the sea”.

email:   california_william@yahoo.com


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